"Letter from the President" - May 2020

Dear friends:

I am writing to inform you that the Board of Directors decided on May 7, that given the global situation this year, it would be better to postpone our XXXVIII Annual Assembly to November 2021, keeping the headquarters in Lima, Peru.

You will understand that we have been forced to make this decision because of the global pandemic caused by COVID-19. And despite the sadness we all feel about this, we strongly believe it is a necessary and responsible decision. We thank you for your understanding.

We will keep current all registrations that have been made to date and we will respect the reservations of stands, as well as sponsorships and commercial backing, with thanks for their support of ALIM.

We reiterate the Peruvian millers' commitment to organize an Assembly in Lima with the quality standards that you deserve. We are one big family that meets every year to analyze the main issues related to our sector and its value chain, and to strengthen our professional and personal ties.

I would not like to end this communication without calling on you, your families and collaborators to take the utmost care to preserve your health, which at this time should take precedence over anything else.

Kind regards,

Alejandro Daly
ALIM Chief Executive

Latin American
Industrial Millers Association


Annual Meeting

November 15-18, 2020

MembersNon MembersCompanions
FEB 01/2020 TO JUL 31/2020 US$ 600.00 US$ 900.00 US$ 250.00
AUG 01/2020 TO SET 30/2020 US$ 700.00 US$ 1,000.00 US$ 300.00
FROM OCT 01/2020 US$ 800.00 US$ 1,100.00 US$ 350.00

ALIM 2020